We select the best examples of the breed to breed from, both conformationally and health wise. 
We are not a commercial kennel - we only do a litter when we want to keep a puppy to move our program forth. Each puppy, therefore, has individualised attention and care
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    Our dogs are tested for the main breed conditions by specialists, according to the international guidelines. It is of the utmost importance to guarantee we do everything we can to assure our babies are healthy!
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    We only use dogs who show the characteristic mellow and sweet temperament of the breed. When we have litters, we work with the puppies daily to make sure they leave us well socialized.
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    We strive to pair the best dog with the best bitch, to obtain puppies with excelent conformation and which are good examples of the breed. We mostly use studs who have proved themselves in the ring.
Striving for the best, in Portugal
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