FUNDÃO national dog show

28th February 2016
At their debut as juniors in Portugal, and after a very successful day spent in Valladolid (Spain) the day before, our sweet Lollipop and Ivy exceded all our expectations once again! Under judge Rui Oliveira (PT):

Ivy "Last But Not Least Castellum Mare PPW'16" was awarded her first certificate for the Portuguese junior championship (CCJ) by winning 1st Excelent in Junior Class.

Lollipop "Lollipop Poplicious Castellum Mare PPW'16" managed to surpass his sister. On top of also winning his first CCJ, Lollipop went against a breed Champion for Best Male and managed to surpass him, being awarded BEST OPPOSIT SEX!

In the afternoon Lollipop and Ivy went into the finals ring and came away with a 3rd place in Brace!